HYPE Youth Start Up Foundation, founded by Amir Raveh,  sponsored the Youth For the Elderly Competition for students world wide. A cross grade level team of students at San Clemente High School entered the contest with their entrepreneurial product is called MOM, Memory Optimization Manager.  At the same time 4th grade students at San Onofre School used the same “portfolio” process, HYPE competitions continue with students around the world entering Sports Innovations contests. See description HERE. 


The Boys to Men Foundation, in Chattanooga, TN partnered with the Booker T. Washington State Park and worked with the park rangers who taught the young men gardening during a six week period. The young men built community gardens and participated in a six-week customized coding class at the CHIPS Learning Center,  Herbert "Book" McCray, the Founder of Independent Youth Services Foundations, the parent company of Boys to Men, was a previous Assistant Principal of 21st Century Prep.  See photos HERE


Our Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement programme by Mike Pupius in UK

Great to hear from you and to read your “Freedom to Choose” paper. You are not alone Barbara. You are the Star Thrower and you continue to make a difference.  And there are others. I can’t believe it is a quarter of a century since we met you in Sheffield and shared with you the work we were doing to bring total quality principles into schools that were failing.  It made a difference!  Just to share a little of our story in the UK.

See story HERE.  Purchase Star Thrower pins!


                       STAR THROWERS and FUTURE FOCUSED KIDS

Jennifer McConnell, Debra Ralston, and Cheryl Parker, teachers at San Onofre School, were awarded Starfish Pins for their assistance with curriculum for the after-school clubs and training for tutors with techniques to help individual students with real world skills.  The volunteer turos were also presented with Starfish Pins, implementing our mission, "Making a Difference, One Child at a Time!" Each student in the Camp Pendleton Marine Base program received an "It's Your Future" pin for working on skills necessary for life, work and citizenship in the 21st Century.




Education and Learning for the 21st Century           by Barbara Barnes

The false, skewed, and inaccurate information in schools and on campuses today is frightening! The question is;

Are we creating ideologues unable to cope with disparate facts and ideas or are we  preparing students with skills necessary for life, work and citizenship in the 21st Century?

At ITK we strive for the latter using the following learning strategies and ask students to:

1.  Select a real world topic to identify.  

2.  Identify current issues and consider historical facts.

3.  Gather facts digitally and in real world interviews with business partners .

4.  Investigate rules, laws or regulations related to the topic.

5.  Research and communicate opposing viewpoints to determine fact from fiction.

6.  Conduct an economic analysis of varying actions based on needs of all.

7.  Consider actions related to local, regional, national, or global populations.

8.  Communicate possible solutions with peers, experts and partners..

9.  Create a project or product to solve  problems and make the world a better place. 

10. Present your portfolio of work digitally to be judged and critiqued by others.

Using this ten step approach students integrate subjects, think, problem solve, collaborate, communicate,  and above all, prepare to be successful adults who can work with others  and improve conditions, locally and globally.