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A perfect example of "choice" began at 21st Century Prep in Chattanooga Tennessee. In 1993, when that district closed a failing  junior high school and converted the building and instructional program to a K-12  magnet school.  All teachers and staff had to apply for positions in the new school. This was a public school “choice”.  When the students began applying and it became clear that African American students would outnumber Caucasian students, 21st Century Prep became a 100% African American inner city school. The key components of this school were:

1. Parents provided 18 hours of service - students wore uniforms 

2. Students integrated all subjects and core skills to crreate EFG real world projects. 

3. Teachers became Learning Leaders working with multi age students

4. Business and community partners were involved in, and contributed to, all projects.

5. “Covey Seven Habits” were taught to all of the students and staff.

6. Competency was judged by learning leaders, experts, scientists, peers, and business partners.

7. Promotion was based on competency.

As a result of these strategies state test scores increased rapidly and 100%  of students graduated from high school and entered college. At the end of the first school year, the school had a waiting list of white families wanting to enroll.This school demonstrated that investigative, applied learning motivated students, significantly improved learning AND increased test scores. Partners at 21st Century Prep included: TVA, McKee Foods Corp., Tennessee Aquarium, The Manufactures Association, Lowe’s, 100 Black Men, University of Tennessee, and Rotary.



Partners "choosing" to increase learning and improve schools  include: TVA, McKee Foods Corp., Tennessee Aquarium, Rotary, Motorola,  Weyerhaeuser, Con Agra Foods, Manufacturing Association, Chamber of Commerce, SOCO. Union Bank, Schools First Credit Union, South Coast Water District, and Toshiba. Partners in England included banks, regional railways, Sheffield Hallam University, and Training & Enterprise Councils. International partners are Hype Global Your Start Up Foundation and A Child Unheard Foundation  Universities including UTC, Chapman, MTSU, Virginia Tech, North Florida University, Grand Canyon University, UCI, and Millikin University, have provided professional development and project / product assistance through their departments and schools.  GO TO CONTACT TO BECOME A CONTENT PARTNER, SPONSOR A PROJECT, OR PROVIDE STUDENT OR CLASSROOM AWARDS